Our Farm
Our farm is located in Hendersonville, just 15 miles south of Asheville, North Carolina. We grow our produce using organic and sustainable practices. We do not believe in the use of non-organic synthetic or chemical fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, or herbicides. We practice crop rotation and use as much organic and/or heirloom seeds as possible.

For the 2018 season, our ninth season in production, we are changing it up and growing on a little over 3 acres out of our 10+ acres. We strive to serve our customers with fresh vegetables picked within hours from harvest. We believe our produce freshness is one that no grocery store produce can compete with. With growing demands for quality produce, our farm hopes to continue to satisfy the greater Asheville and Hendersonville area’s needs for local produce.

With the ambition to highlight the best the good earth has to offer, the Blue Meadow Farms family looks forward to sharing our ninth harvest season with you.
Your Farmers
Fenner and Chrisan met in 2003. They both attended and graduated from Appalachian State University in 2009.

Fenner received an undergraduate degree in Biology and Sustainable Agriculture. He managed the university's greenhouse operation and picked up valuable growing knowledge.

Chrisan received an undergraduate degree in Communications, and a minor in Graphics Arts and Imaging Technology. She was the Associate Editor for Production Operations for the university's newspaper, The Appalachian.

Shortly after graduating, they moved to Asheville and started the farm in Hendersonville. These two, along with some seasonal farm help, grow all of the veggies you see at the farmers markets booths, and in your CSA boxes.  

Our Mission

Blue Meadow Farms' mission is to grow produce that tastes great and is good for you. A simple mission, yet one that ultimately has a profound impact on our health, the communities in which we live, and the environment we sustain for future generations. Eating well really does mean living well.
Where To Find Us 
2018 Farmers Market Schedule
    West Asheville Tailgate Market
    3:30 to 6:30 p.m. 718 Haywood Road Asheville, NC April to December
    Asheville City Market South
    noon to 4 p.m. Biltmore Park Town Square Asheville NC April to October
    Asheville City Market Downtown
    8 a.m. to noon 52 N. Market Asheville, NC April to December
    Black Mountain Tailgate Market
    9 a.m. to noon 130 Montreat Road Black Mountain, NC May to November